Nine Top Restaurants In Three Different Utah Cities

We have been to Utah together before in other articles and have browsed restaurants in multiple cities there. Are you ready for some more? There are some great ones for sure, so let’s get started with this round. For this article about Utah, we are going to Provo, Park City and St. George, Utah. There are some excellent restaurant there in those cities, and great food awaits you.

Provo, Utah has a total of 298 restaurants currently, according to a top travel site. Now if you are going to be in Provo, what is one of the first restaurants that looks good to visit? If you ask me, it is the Tucanos Brazilian Grill. That place looks very interesting, and it is located on North University Avenue. There is also the Communal Restaurant on North University Avenue as well, and then you might also want to stop by Brick Oven Restaurant, located on East 800 North.

Now let’s take a trip to Park City, Utah, which features 265 restaurants. Riverhorse on Main is the top establishment there, and it is located on Main Street. According to menu highlights, this restaurant serves up wild game. Then there is No Name Saloon, located on Main Street as well, and for the third restaurant, I will recommend Ghidotti’s Italian Cafe, located on Market Street. All of those restaurants should be easy enough to find, don’t you think? No Name Saloon is said to serve up delicious buffalo burgers.

Now it is time to visit St. George and its 242 restaurants. That puts us going to the top establishment in St George first, a place known as The Painted Pony. It can be found on W St. George Boulevard. A few menu items include duck, beet salads and coconut shrimp. Cliffside Restaurant is another unique establishment in St. George, and you can find it on South Airport Road. Then there is also Black Bear Diner, which is on South Main Street.

What is up with all of these top restaurants being found on Main Street? You know downtown restaurants can be good, but maybe that is a theme in Utah. If we get to exploring more Utah restaurants, we are certainly going to be finding out. For now, enjoy these nine restaurant in three of Utah’s greatest cities. You are bound to find some great eats for sure, so what’s stopping you from visiting one right now?